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I have toyed with blogs before.

I have toyed with my own forums and web sites.

The reasons for this has always been motivation or lack of it and this is the reason for this Blog.

Its main goal is going to be to motivate me, no one may read. That’s fine.

Motivate me to do what?

In this instance its going to be to gamble, to increase my knowledge of gambling with the end game of increasing my gambling float or bankroll if you prefer.

I say gambling, what I am is Advantage Play (AP) of course. One of my constraints in the world of gambling is my aversion to risk. AP techniques allow me to control risk at the cost of the potential return on a bet. Managing the risk / reward ratio is the key to success in AP and is something I am striving to improve.


Posted February 13, 2012 by apeveryday in General

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