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I did include a detailed listing of what I had done thus far this month, However I have decided I did not like the way I had done so I will have a rethink of how to show it on this blog.

I have included on the <Offers to follow> page a list of offers I have done and profit figures to date. Once again I am not totally happy with how this is being shown, but I will leave that up for now. I guess I need to research what you can and can’t so on WordPress, and come up with an easy way of automating this entries.

However, a some what summarised mid month analysis is below: –


This represents on the whole a very slow month, which can be seen my very low staked total. If I am be make full use of my float I should stakeing at least 3x that over a two week period.


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One response to “Mid Month Analysis

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  1. Well done Jason, interesting way to stay motivated by blogging about it.

    Who have you got in mind next ?

    When you start dutching check out my site http://www.fasterbets.com which helps you find arbs and narbs with PinnacleSports. I’m affiliated with them so you can also sign up with them through the site. And they do not mind advantage play.

    Best of luck.

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