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I try not to do Casino offers on the whole, as the risk associated with them is far greater than sports, given that in sports you can lay off the risk.

In Casino offers, you are beholdent to the odds. There are ways of approaching these offers however, that make the best use of the Games available and use the odds to turn a profit.

A typical Casino offer has a large WR attached, and deposit bonues can often be huge, so if you choose to do them then you need to be prepared to spend some time in front of your PC. A typical strategy would be to double up the full balance with a near 50/50 shot bet such as roulette or blackjack. If you lose then its game over, win however, and you will have a much bigger balance to try and get though the WR with.

I prefer to take advantage of small offers, which often have a lower WR attached or no deposit bonuses.

I am currently doing £20 no deposit bonus. I started this on roulette, which only has 10% weighting with the regard to WR, I got lucky and got my free £20 to £59. I then switched to Slots, chose my machine, bet a small total bet (25p) and put it on auto spin. First sitting I only did 150 spins.

 I once again seem to have got lucky and currently the £20 has grown to £72. However After sitting one (15 mins approx) I still have £750 left to wager.

I am not sure what the payout % is on slots ( I will google this), but if we assume 95%, then £750 * 0.05 = £37.50 loss on wagering. So unless I am somehwat unlucky I would hope to gain some profit from this offer as things currently stand.


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