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When I decided to shake off my lethargy over gambling which had enveloped me for a couple of months, I was determined to gamble every day in some small way.  Not a hard task I thought. Yet this is just day 17 of new my gambling life and I have to admit its been far from a dynamic start.

Yes a mid month figure of just over 50% of target suggests things are going swimmingly. However of the 17 days in February so far I have perhaps gambled in some way in maybe eight of them.

I have missed some nice little offers because I have not kept abreast of the forums I frequent, I have made mistakes because I have not concentrated fully. With very little additional effort I could have and should have made a good 30% more profit than I have.

I need to get a grip of my spare time and make good use of it. How am I going to do this?

First off what are the problems I encounter when I come to Gamble?

  1. Disorganisation.
  2. Crappy IT equipment.
  3. Crappy spreadsheets that are not as simple to use as they should be.
  4. Several browser windows open, all with several tabs open.
  5. Distractions.

How can I get over these problems?

  1. I have a new PC that’s a start, my lovely OH and my father law have bought me a nice shiny new PC., its nice and quick and is a pleasure to use. I have also set up separate passworded accounts for the various people in my house that may want to use it. This way I can keep the desk top the way I want it and get favourites organised the way I want them.
  2. I use the well-known Ultimatcher spreadsheet. It’s an all-encompassing spreadsheet to track bets, balances and calculate stakes and the like. It annoys me! It’s too much in some areas, to light in others. Also its dependency on macros and the fact it has been protected to the hilt means that it is awkward to customise and a pain if you screw your figures up. Its got to go, given its my Job to design these kind of things I will write my own.
  3. Too many sites, too many bookies, too many forums, do I really need them all open at once? Part of the issue is logging in and out of them, improvements are needed. I am sure with some googling I will find an app that will allow me to organise the sites I use and auto login for me.
  4. Disorganisation is a tricky one. I loathe scheduling software, I have tried several they all annoy me. Solutions here are needed also. I guess I will have to use a simple calendar, perhaps one I can have in the system tray that can be hidden easily, also ideally one I can sync to my android.
  5. The distractions are harder to sort. After all I have responsibilities. I am however trying to tackle a few of the more time-consuming issues I have with my parenting chores, to make my like easier. unfortunately small children do not listen to reason, so patience will be required.

There is no simple answer to the lethargy that continues to have a grip over me, solving some of the issues above however should make my gambling experience less irritating and perhaps a little less hectic, so that has to be a good start,




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