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I identified in an earlier post reasons why I thought I was struggling to get enough gambling done.

I spent some of my time this weekend trying to tackle a few of these issues and think some more about how I can resolve them.

My nice shiney new PC has enabled me to tackle some of them right away, it’s a nice blank canvas, so I have been setting it up in a sensible manner.

@Dunkeypooh suggested roboform as a solution to my disorganisation with regard having windows open and what not. Well it’s not bad, it integrates nicely into firefox (or IE) and enables me to have nice easy shortcuts to all the bookies I use and it autologs into them. It’s not perfect however, there seems to be issues with a few sites. namely Betfair and Bet365 so far. Its hit and miss whether it logs in on Betfair and it has never been able to store Bet365 login details as it does not seem to recognise the login controls on the web page. So it’s not perfect but it’s still pretty good.

The next step I feel is to start to look at the spreadsheets I use. I find myself firing up the calculator from my windows menu and using that rather than faf around with ultimatcher. Software should make things easier, yes ultimatcher does make record keeping easier on the whole, but it does not make calculating stakes and EV easier. When your sat scouring Bookies for decent odds or searching for Arbs, when you find a good bet, you generally need to move quickly. Ultimatcher does not lend itself to quick and easy calculations, especially if the bet is none standard.

So I am going to have to write my own version of ultimatcher. I am undecided if this will be a spreadsheet yet or via another platform. But the main task it will be geared to is calculations, record keeping will most definitely be secondary.

Features I am going to go for I think….

  • Simple forms which cover a variety of bet types (Dutches, Bet/Lay, ifbets, various multiple strategies)
  • Forms aimed at Betfair trading
  • Forms aimed at Casino play (sometimes Casino’s make it hard to track a WR)
  • Record of Bets (completed and Outstanding)
  • Record of Offers (which can be associated with a particular bet)
  • Reconciliation of Bookie balances to bets made ( although I don’t think the software will track balances at books, just enable me to check that the opening balance less the closing balance of my float is equal to the profit / loss of my activities.)

I am quite adept at both excel, Access and VB. So the App could be a spreadsheet, an access database or perhaps even an App written in VB. Excel is less versatile in many respects than Access, but the data can be played with manually more easily in Excel. An Access or VB app will have to be far more robust than an excel spreadsheet.

If you reading this and have any suggestions as to content let me know.


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