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Here is a quick mock up, its more complex than I would like at the moment however.

The basic concept is to have..

  1. A Bookie Listing
  2. An offers (regulars & subs) listing
  3. A standard bet listing (a simple list of typical bets you may make)
  4. I will be able to “Quick Select” an offer, which will auto fill my spreadsheet to some degree
  5. I will then need to enter Date, Event, Odds and adjust stakes if required
  6. The sheet allows figures to be played with and adjusted
  7. When submitted the bet will be written to a pending bets page and the form will be cleared

This will enable me to record stats on profit per offer and bookie as well as enable me to keep track of all the bets I have.


Posted February 20, 2012 by apeveryday in Gambling Strategy, General

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