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The first month of my renewed betting adventure is over.

I have not enjoyed it. I used too! I used to derive great fun from gambling and AP, not anymore it seems.

The first month has been a mixed success or perhaps a mixed failure, I am unsure.

My target was £300, a modest target, one I should easily manage or at least could have easily managed with the amount of time, effort and concentration put in.

I have not hit my target. Although to be fair I did hit my target, and then somehow managed to screw things up.

I am not 100% of the final figure I will compile it later, but it will be short.

The very last bet I placed this month, was a cock up through and through. It started with a poor bet, continued with poor decisions trying to cut my losses, ended with numerous bets some on the wrong markets, resulting in a loss which will be in the realms of £50 I think. Not a huge loss, its more the manner of the loss which is annoying for me. It is the perfect example of why I am struggling in this game at present. I made a quick decision on a bet, didn’t weigh it up correctly. When I realised I had a made a mistake I put down a few cover bets on an exchange, all of which required queuing. They didn’t get taken. The morning before the game in question I quickly cancelled all these bets and made some more cover bets. I expected to make a few quid loss. However, due to me rushing around and not putting adequate time into what I was doing, I managed to back the wrong markets. And as luck would have it (or not) the short priced favourite for the match failed to win, resulting in a fairly heavy loss. If it had won I would have been a little less out of pocket.

At present my enthusiasm is at a low ebb. But I will pick myself back up off the floor and try for a better March. I will in fact raise my target to £400 for the month. After all its Cheltenham this month!


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