Lacking motivation but still seeing small gains..   Leave a comment

I am still lacking motivation and it’s annoying, there is money to made out there and I need some of it!

There were opportunities during the first weekend of March for profit and I placed a grand total of one bet! A Corals consolation Cashback on the Liverpool game. There was a 92 minute goal as well! Typically I was not on the draw however, so no Cashback for me. :/ A grand 9p loss!

I did however do a few bits’n’bobs on some small Casino offers.

Hills continued with their riskfree’s, No success here however, in fact due no over eagerness on roulette I am £5 down on their offers.

Coral have a £10 cashback offer running, stake £10 on slots for £10 cashback. This netted me a tad over £11 profit.

Also (and the football pools) have a small offer on, Stake £10 on slots for £10 bonus which has a 5x WR attached. I made a whole 5p on the £10 qualification wagering. Then converted the bonus into £12.65 in cash. So I was +£12.70 on this one.

What was annoying about the vernons and footy pools offers are the fact they are bank card only and my cards were out of date, I only managed to deposit at one of the sites, CS had disappeared for the second site by the time I got round to trying to deposit. So I only managed to do one of these offers.

Given the fact I only placed one bet I am still +£18.71 for the month. It sucks but its better than zero.

I need to do a sub or two, but at the same time keep my float free for Cheltenham. So I am on the look out for a sub or two I can get in and out of quickly with my paltry float.


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