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As part of my new ‘Kaizen’ attitude to all things gambling, I am trying to develop this blog a bit. Its main goal is still the same, to motivate me, and encourage me to find the time to gamble.

I also want this blog to not only to be a sounding board for my thoughts and frustrations but also a useful resource for myself.

I have added a feed to a google Calender which I am going to put on my planned gambling activities, hopefully this will prevent me forgetting about them. Although many of my activities will still be unplanned. The feed is not perfect however as it seems to only update on a six hourly basis, one hour updates require the paid service.

I am also going to add a page of links. I have a bunch of links I can add, which will include..

  • The decent blogs I follow
  • Thegamblingtimes
  • MSE Matched betting forum (while it exists)
  • Oddsmonkey
  • Bet72
  • Freebets4all
  • Beatbookies
  • oddschecker

And maybe a few more, though i can’t think of any others right now. Any suggestions would be good, I am interesting in all things gambling & AP 🙂


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