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Bet365 have decided to offer a free in play bet of up £50, qualifier being a £50 bet before kick off.

This was enough to motivate me to gamble for the first time in a while, however I have very little cash.

So I have stolen £100 from my bank account, and borrowed a further £200 from it. This still not enough to extract decent value from a £50 SNR but its better than a kick in the teeth.

Bet £50 on Spain and laid off with 1.83/1.86 match @ 5% in Betfair (not great but it was a last minute thing)
I then Bet £50 in play went for draw 2.87/3.1 match @ 5% in Betfair (awful, however limited funds meant I had to take low odds, plus I was decorating so was unable to monitor the odds to get a better match)

Anyway it was a draw, so no refund required at Bet365 profit of £29.20


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