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Bodog Bet on two England group games for Qtr final freebie.

This is the 2nd bet that should qualify me for the freebet.

Bet on England with a 2.35/2.5 match for a loss of £1.78

William Hill Bet 5 get 5 on England v Sweden (odds awful at WH for this)

Bet £5 on Sweden @ 3.3/3.45 for a 39p Loss on Qualifier.

Freebet on this one should turn up tomorrow.

One more late one, email offer from, PP bet £20 on W/E Euro Game, get £20 freebie on England v Ukraine
Went for Russia with a 1.75/1.77 Match for a .67p loss. Oh and as a bonus I had £20 in the account I didn’t know about!

There is also a BRK freebet available, but given I have a dollar account, and the offer is not open for e-wallets, bank charges on exchange will probably kill any profit available in this offer. So I am staying away from it. If you have a £ account through, there should be some profit to take from it.

Overall loss for the day of £2.84, but that should earn me £45 in freebies.

Running totals: –
Float £144.01
Running Profit £24.01
Freebies Owed £55.00
Profit per day £4.00


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