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Yet another day at work, however I have a free bet to burn, so my mobile will be used!

First bet is to use my free-bet with VC matched at 7.5/7.4 which will return £16.80

Second bet was for the Sportingbet bet £20 Get £20 free next day which is running throughout Ascot. Qualifier was on the same race as above to combine liabilities (its the only way I can afford to have two horse bets running atm). The bet was a 7/7.2 match for a £1.40 loss with £20 to come. This is of course assuming SB will give the bet, I was surprised they let me have £20 on the race.

Finally last last night I decided to take bet at home up on a reload. I was unsure about it given my float shortages, but I went in for £80, £40 bonus added immediately, so I now have £120 locked in BAH. Not made a bet yet, I am waiting for Ascot to get out of the way. Then hopefully I will be able to break out of this via the Euros.

Also +£6 on a WH Risk Free

Running totals: –
Float £287.38
Running Profit £139.94
Freebies Owed £55.00
Profit per day £13.99


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