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Day 1

  • I Did just the one trade staked £9.60 initially, the expected goals didn’t come, so I exited the trade for a 55p loss.
  • Did A WH Risk free on a slot machine hit a decent win £36.25 Profit
  • Freebet came in for Wigan v Donny worth £3.95

Day 2

  • Screwed up a Freebet offer with 188 Bet, bet on Champions league, offer was for English Football. so lost £14 odd. Although I can still do the offer so I will be able recoup those losses. Need to remember to read the Terms!!!
  • Did a bunch of trades with mixed success, three didn’t work out but losses were managed to low levels and one came in. Much better day on the trading front, fewer stupid moves, and chose to exit the markets at a sensible time. Overall profit of £24.32

Day 3

  • Two small trades Partizan Belgrade decided to make a meal of beating Thun so lost some money there, the other trade I made a small profit by laying the heavy favorite in a game which was end to end.

Day 4

  • Three trades, two correct score trades, neither worked. One ended in a 74% loss on initial stakes the other I escaped with a very small loss. The third trade worked beautifully, I left the trade too earlier, but still made a decent profit.

Day 5

  • I bet my entire Bet365 balance as I needed to work through the WR on the Bonus. All the bets lost, so job done. I made about 80% of the bonus amount, in this case about £40.
  • Just the one correct score trade. The game was devoid of goals so I left the trade an half time for a small loss.

Day 6

  • A little qualifier in Corals Bet & Spin promotion for a tiny loss.
  • I was more active on the trading front with six trades. It was a mixed bag some small losses and some small wins. I was so close to a decent win, but the extra goal would not come. Overall the trades worked in my favour to the tune of about £11.

Day 7

  • A few, trades, a badly chosen trade on a favourite, which lost and a correct score trade which was 0-0 at half time so I left the trade. That game annoyingly ended 1-1.
  • A couple of quid blown on a Casino promotion with Willamhill.
  • A bet 365 freebet on Man Utd Chelsea game. Could of done better with this one, though it did still make me £25.

Week Profit £126.89 (Target £35)

Running Profit £157.45 (Target £70)


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