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Day 1

  • I Did just the one trade staked £9.60 initially, the expected goals didn’t come, so I exited the trade for a 55p loss.
  • Did A WH Risk free on a slot machine hit a decent win £36.25 Profit
  • Freebet came in for Wigan v Donny worth £3.95

Day 2

  • Screwed up a Freebet offer with 188 Bet, bet on Champions league, offer was for English Football. so lost £14 odd. Although I can still do the offer so I will be able recoup those losses. Need to remember to read the Terms!!!
  • Did a bunch of trades with mixed success, three didn’t work out but losses were managed to low levels and one came in. Much better day on the trading front, fewer stupid moves, and chose to exit the markets at a sensible time. Overall profit of £24.32

Day 3

  • Two small trades Partizan Belgrade decided to make a meal of beating Thun so lost some money there, the other trade I made a small profit by laying the heavy favorite in a game which was end to end.

Day 4

  • Three trades, two correct score trades, neither worked. One ended in a 74% loss on initial stakes the other I escaped with a very small loss. The third trade worked beautifully, I left the trade too earlier, but still made a decent profit.

Day 5

  • I bet my entire Bet365 balance as I needed to work through the WR on the Bonus. All the bets lost, so job done. I made about 80% of the bonus amount, in this case about £40.
  • Just the one correct score trade. The game was devoid of goals so I left the trade an half time for a small loss.

Day 6

  • A little qualifier in Corals Bet & Spin promotion for a tiny loss.
  • I was more active on the trading front with six trades. It was a mixed bag some small losses and some small wins. I was so close to a decent win, but the extra goal would not come. Overall the trades worked in my favour to the tune of about £11.

Day 7

  • A few, trades, a badly chosen trade on a favourite, which lost and a correct score trade which was 0-0 at half time so I left the trade. That game annoyingly ended 1-1.
  • A couple of quid blown on a Casino promotion with Willamhill.
  • A bet 365 freebet on Man Utd Chelsea game. Could of done better with this one, though it did still make me £25.

Week Profit £126.89 (Target £35)

Running Profit £157.45 (Target £70)


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First Week Back   Leave a comment

Lots of bits and bobs around on the matched betting front. A Bet365 reload offer, a few freebets up for grabs from a variety of bookmakers. I would have liked to have done them all, however I messed a few. 😦

The Casino front was alive with small offers and Risk frees, did plenty here although I didn’t have much luck.

On the trading front I have done around 15 trades on football matches with mixed success. I am still learning my way here and made some poor decisions which restricted my profits.

However a quick summary of what I have done this past week: –

Trading: – Staked £172. Profit £22.70

Matched Betting – Staked £160 Profit £8.63 (but with £50 pending when WR is done on bet365)

Casino’s – Profit 77p!! (No luck here at all)

Profit for the week = £30.56 (Target £35)

I have set myself an initial small target of £5 per day, so £35 per week. When my feet are back under the table, I would expect a minimum of £10 per day or £70 per week. £70 per week is still quite modest as that could be easily doubled if I were to dedicate enough time to this malarkey. Can’t see that happening though.

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The past year   Leave a comment

I have been somewhat quiet over the past Twelve months in regard blogging however business has still be dome with online Bookmakers.

Matched betting has been the main victim of my apathy and has been limited to a few small reload offers and the Bet365 £50 offers.

Casino’s however are a different story. With Williamhill pushing their slots and recently Coral and Betfred following suit, there have been plenty of risk free offers around. These have made me a fair few quid and have steered me to take offers that hold an element of Risk. I have found out two things from playing with online Casinos in the past year.

  1. There is money to be made. 
  2. Casinos are addictive!

Casinos have made me money, no question, I have stuck to small offers and played the offers as risk free as I can. Resulting in some serious grinding at low stakes. If I were to quantify the ROI it would be a complete guess, however as a guide I would say I have deposited in the region of £500 over the space of the year and cleared £750 profit. So my guess would be an ROI of 150%. However it should be more I have probably thrown away £250 due to the addictive nature of Casinos.

Their addictive nature is something to be cautious of, it sneaks up on you, entices you to play for just a few a spins more. It can be easy to just play a few spins out of boredom, which turn into fifty or a hundred or more. You can find a nice little profit turns into a complete loss as you get sucked in. 

So while Casinos can make you money if approached in the right way, you need to be disciplined and bail from the offer as soon as you have met the terms. You also need to accept that Casino’s carry a large variance, so you will lose all of your deposit from time to time and make a loss often. In the long term however if you pick the right offers and offer a disciplined approach you will profit in the long term.


Betfair trading is something relatively new to me. I had a big dabble in trading in Football for the last three months of the season. The results of my trading were losses. That does not mean I will stay away from trading however. The losses on the whole were from poor decision making, bad choice of games and misfortune. Trading is gambling, its most definitely not risk free. So luck does come in to it. However the principles of trading betfair rely on benefiting from luck but guarding against bad luck. It requires skill, patience and nerve. I spent the three months developing these traits, I have yet to master them. I have plenty of strategies to chose from, I know the games to look for. What I seem to lack is the still to chose the right time to make a move in a market and the nerve to resist making a move too early. Many times I have taken profit too early and kicked myself.


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Am I back from the dead?   Leave a comment

14 Months since my last post? Time flies. It seems for various reasons I lost interest again. It’s amazing how something that once gripped me, came to be such a chore, I am however determined to make a go of it again this season.

My plan is perhaps more risky than previous endeavors, in the past I stuck consistently and strictly to matched betting and risk free casino offers. The past year has seen me dabble,  halfheartedly, with riskier Casino offers and Betfair trading. This year I will be hitting these three fronts, I would like to say with gusto, but time will tell I guess.


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27/6/2012 to 30/06/2012   Leave a comment

Well my OH decided to move things about in the house a tad. The result being that I was without internet on my PC for this period. I could have used the laptop, which I did, but only to a limited degree. All I did during this period was a few risk frees, I lost the lot!

I am now back up and running however. I will shortly work out my final position for June, which will be a twenty day period, given I didn’t start gambling until June 10th.

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Couldn’t be bothered today, I have found in the past 12 months that when it comes to gambling my enthusiasm is up and down. It all seemed like far too much effort yesterday. However I am determined to do one thing every day.

All I did today was a £10 risk free on roulette with Coral. I lost, so I will be after a refund from them for this.

One thing I did check out however were the odds on the Germany v Italy Semi final. Germany on Betfair were 1.97 to lay. I have to say this is higher than I was expecting and I have been expecting this price to fall. At the time 82% of the matches had been on Germany, surely this does suggest the price will have to fall? If this % is being followed with your typical bookie you would think they would have to cut the odds somewhat.

Maybe the pace of stakes on this match will increase closer to the off and perhaps then the odds will move. I am hoping they come down as I have some backs on Germany I have yet to lay off!

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25/6/2012   Leave a comment

Quiet day today.

Williamhill risk free on Blackjack, Lost, so I will require a refund.

Other than that I placed a few bets on at BAH, several bets, placed totalling £55 for a loss of £2.79.

An additional bet of £30 has been placed but not yet laid I am queuing, though I may let it ride, if my lay is not taken. Its on Germany to beat Italy.

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