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Quiet day today.

Williamhill risk free on Blackjack, Lost, so I will require a refund.

Other than that I placed a few bets on at BAH, several bets, placed totalling £55 for a loss of £2.79.

An additional bet of £30 has been placed but not yet laid I am queuing, though I may let it ride, if my lay is not taken. Its on Germany to beat Italy.


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I have only done the two offers today. Far too tired to concentrate so all I have done is the Bet365 offer and the offer Coral have had me qualifying for, for the past few days.

Bet365 £50 Risk free inplay, bet and laid both bets for £28.29 profit. Pretty poor, but B365 odds were not the best and I had limited float available to cover the bets.

Coral I mugged on England, clearly a mistake.

I also took part in a risk free £5 casino offer that runs on days England play +19.05 on slots.

Proft for the day of £47.34

Float £435.08
Running Profit £265.24
Freebies Owed £16
Profit per day £17.68

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OK, thanks to bet at home my funds are limited not ideal for a Saturday!.

Bet 1, Sea Moon 3:05@Ascot 5/4.5 Arb from a WH enhanced price, could only get £10 on though. +69p

Bet 2, Aitken 3:05@Ascot E/W at 5/5 for £20, Bet365 had 1/3 e/w payouts so the place part of the bet was an arb. +1.52

Bet 3, Black Cavier 3:45@Ascot. I found some more money in Zeturf I did realise I had. Not a fat lot, 20Euro of it was an old locked bonus. Bet this out with an each way bet I assumed a return at odds of 1, lay odds were 1.09. The horse as expected Zeturf paid at 1.1. Also as an extra bonus it seems Zeturf have given me another 20Euro bonus! +55p +£16 of unlocked bonus

Bet 4, Bwin, price boost on Torres to score at any time, odds 4/3.2 +£3.09

Bet 5, Coral in play qualifier for £5 risk free on the England game. Went for 2-0 inplay  -14p

Bet 6, Bet At Home WR on an  random Argentine game, 1.8/1.81 match for £20 (limited liquidity) -56p

Bet 7, Bet at Home WR on an MLS game, 1.75/1.82 match for £18 (limited liquidity) -£1.10

Float £387.74
Running Profit £217.9
Freebies Owed £21
Profit per day £15.56

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Very quiet day today.

Not too many easy offers around, the only bet I have placed was the Coral £5 in play qualifier for a Risk Free in play bet on the England game. 28p loss on Qualifier.

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Since Sporting have pulled their over I have placed all my Qtr final bets this morning and I have put them all on the same game, this enables me to combine liabilities and preserve some float in Betfair. The game is Czech Republic v Portugal.

Betdaq £10 Placed on the czech republic, its an SNR, odds were 5.8/5.9

Bodog £20 placed, this is SR, stuck this on the draw 3.6/3.65

Sportingbet £20 placed on Portugal to win 1.727/1.81

I also put my BAH balance on Portugal with a 1.7/1.81 match, underlayed. So if I win I will still have the full bonus intact, if I Iose I am out with profit of about £20.

I have also placed one of three in play bets of £5 bets to get a coral risk free inplay bet of £5. Lost 23p on this qualifier.

£45.31 Profit for the day. Plus £120 of £480 wagering done on BAH

Float £347.05
Running Profit £199.61
Freebies Owed £0
Profit per day £16.63

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I did plan on repeating the Sporting Bet offer I did yesterday but it seems due to be taken for huge amounts the have pulled the offer. Perhaps offering such an attractive offer combined with the dead cert of Frankel running was a bad idea.

So After chasing sporting bet for my bonus, I didn’t nothing else until after work.

WH Risk Free £5, +£10.70, having some luck WH these offers.

Placed my free £5 bet with WH on the Czech Republic for £3.66 profit.

Running totals: –
Float £301.74
Running Profit £154.30
Freebies Owed £50.00
Profit per day £14.02

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Yet another day at work, however I have a free bet to burn, so my mobile will be used!

First bet is to use my free-bet with VC matched at 7.5/7.4 which will return £16.80

Second bet was for the Sportingbet bet £20 Get £20 free next day which is running throughout Ascot. Qualifier was on the same race as above to combine liabilities (its the only way I can afford to have two horse bets running atm). The bet was a 7/7.2 match for a £1.40 loss with £20 to come. This is of course assuming SB will give the bet, I was surprised they let me have £20 on the race.

Finally last last night I decided to take bet at home up on a reload. I was unsure about it given my float shortages, but I went in for £80, £40 bonus added immediately, so I now have £120 locked in BAH. Not made a bet yet, I am waiting for Ascot to get out of the way. Then hopefully I will be able to break out of this via the Euros.

Also +£6 on a WH Risk Free

Running totals: –
Float £287.38
Running Profit £139.94
Freebies Owed £55.00
Profit per day £13.99

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